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Arabic alphabet colouring sheet #1

بطاقات تلوين بالحروف

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله بطاقات بسيطة لتلوين للصغار يتعلمون منها الربط بين اللون و الحرف مع دقة الملاحظة

I found some worksheets on (11/13/2013) that can be used to teach students some arabic calligraphy. This is great for younger students but can be difficult. This would be good to use to make piece of art or to create a title for a cover sheet for paper or poster.

Arabic Puzzle Worksheets | Arabic Playground

Arabic Playground

This Arabic worksheet puzzle is a fun activity where the kids will be able to have fun coloring cutting and gluing the pieces on the worksheet mat