Vintage Christmas Card

Vintage Christmas Card-Reminds me of a song my mom used to sing to us as kids. "Here comes Susie Snowflake, dressed in her snow white gown. Tap-tap-tapping on your window pane, to tell you she's in town.

Angel fairy wall art original illustration print for by jolinne

Angel art print illustration Kids wall art girls room decor fairy nursery poster, children decor via Etsy

Vintage Christmas Card... its a card and all but I want this made for me. Its just so lovely.

*** Gibson Christmas Cards *** (From Ladies Home Journal - December I love these pretty girl cards from the .

Catherine Klein

Catharina Klein [b. Eylau, East Prussia - d. Berlin, Germany ] is also known as Catherine Klein. Her name was Anglicized .

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Mis Laminas para Decoupage