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a painting of a human heart on a black background
“The human heart may very well be the haziest thing out there”
an art work is being displayed on a table
Art journal page- art therapy- depression, anxiety, loneliness, inka gold, alcohol inks, modeling paste, water colors
a person is painting on a canvas with black and white paint that has dripping from it
a piece of art that is on top of some tin foil and wrapped in aluminum foil
a woman's hand is holding a miniature model of the solar system
“loveyou to the moon and saturn”- taylor swift.
a painting with flowers in the shape of a heart on a easel next to paintbrushes
a person holding up a piece of art that has lightning on it and is in their left hand
Storm ⛈⚡️
a painting on a bed with a person's feet next to it
Me 🎨🎭
Gouache lightening art. Painting vibrant stormy rainy sky. Thunder rainy sky easy to follow painting