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a blue flower is sitting on top of a brown table cloth with white trimmings
four placemats on top of a counter with the word modacnezza printed on them
a brown blanket with white designs on it
the table is covered with white doily and has pictures of an intricate design on it
a cross - stitch pattern on a table cloth with scissors and other items in the background
an ornament that has been made to look like it is in the shape of a heart
бискорно и другое
Impress your guests with these 14 napkin folds!
the monogrammed design is on top of the bed linens, which are white and beige
Ah neler geldi senin başına kumaşı bulamadım mı desem buldum örnegi ayarlayamadım mı desem. Ayarladım yarıya yaptım örnek küçük mü geldi…
a cross stitch pattern with the letter s on it
Çok güze
the cross stitch pattern is black and white, but it's not too dark
Çok çok zarif😍
a glass plate with flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a drawer