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Aysu Ceren Yılmaz

Aysu Ceren Yılmaz
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Can someone please make this happen?

--------No seriously, you don't understand. I am 24 years old. But you tell me when and where and I'll be first in line with my glasses and my wand. --- this is what I've wanted since the first Potter movie!

I accept this headcanon.

As a Hufflepuff, I wholeheartedly accept this headcanon. Hufflepuffs are the ones who care about people - helping people and taking care of people. So it totally makes sense that the RoR would've been created by a Hufflepuff.

The Doctor is real… but dead O.o ? noooooo

"Found this while doing a school project a while back. There was nothing else written on the stone." There's starting to be so many signs the Doctor is real I'm going crazy.<--- This is so scary and SO awesome!

that would be the best thing ever

Daniel Radcliffe as Frodo Baggins, Elijah Wood as Harry Potter, Ian McKellen as Dumbledore, and Michael Gambling as Gandalf. :) Please, someone make this happen ASAP!