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the shadow of a person's hand is cast by a light shining down on them
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Killer hand:O) Does anyone remember the sci-fi movie in the late 60's "The Hand"..............now I am telling my age lol
a person holding a baby in their hands
صور رائعة لحديثي الولادة للمصورة تريسي ريفر - ثقف نفسك
He's got his whole world in his hands. Such a cute phrase for this popular pose.
a black and white photo of an older person holding a baby
* by ~t. k.~, via 500px
an older person holding a baby's hand on top of a blanket in their lap
One of my most cherished pictures, "Her hands, her feet".
black and white photograph of an old woman covering her mouth
just only memories
an old woman's hands are shown on the instagramt page, which is showing
Old hands
an old woman covering her face with her hands
Old hands are outrageously gorgeous to me.
an image of bread stacked on top of each other with the caption in spanish
"Ambachtelijk brood..."
bread of life
an old woman is holding out her hands on top of a large book with writing
life line by SAMLIM on DeviantArt
life line
an old hand holding something with the words, when we think there is no help we simply need to ask
The Gifts Of Life