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"Combing hair" by Osman Hamdi Bey. Painted by the Turkish artist in about 1900. Osman Hamdi was unusual as a native of the Ottoman Empire who had trained with western orientalist painters like Gerome. His images are a lot more conservative than the French artists and are similar to J.F. Lewis's work from half a century before.

Girl Having Her Hair Combed by Osman Hamdi Bey ~ Turkish painter –

Kamil Aslanger

Ottoman era ladies doing embroidery, one of the major talents of homemakers of the time.

Antique Ottoman Velvet Shoes  Embroidery with Gold and Silver    Ottoman Dynasty  1453-1922A.D

Late-Ottoman Velvet Shoes Embroidery with gold and silver (technique: ‘sarma’ / ‘Maraş işi’).

A Noble Lady Of Constantinople Wearing Hammam Shoes by Jan Baptiste Vanmour | Blouin Art Sales Index

‘A noble lady of Constantinople wearing hamam shoes’ by Jean Baptiste Vanmour – Ottoman, early century. The (Flemish) painter lived in Istanbul from 1699 until his death in and had access to the highest Ottoman circles.

‘Entari’ (robe). Ottoman, 18th century.

This looks Greek in the very feminine design ! The sleeves are beautifully decorated with the typical overlaid embroidery in Gold. edged with gold woven ribbons.

remzi taskiran art | Remzi Taşkıran 1961 | Turchia | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura ...

Festival of colors in the paintings of the Turkish artist Remzi Taşkıran .