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Ayyuce Calisgan
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Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (5/5) by Suncelia on DeviantArt

Tell me if there are mistakes in the dialogues The previous part: The next part: fav.me/damqezc Paint Tool SAI, 2016 Haikyuu moms swap! Akaashi in Karasuno

Why? Oh why Oikawaa didn't come to Shiratorizawa, so Ushijima would shut up! #Haikyuu

WHen Ushijima says you should have come to Shirotiwaza i at first thought it was just because he was a good server but i realise maybe it's something more.

Haikyuu moms swap!! Iwaizumi in Fukurodani by Suncelia

Hope you like it! Tell me if you find a mistake in the dialogues The next part: Paint Tool SAI, 2016 Haikyuu moms swap! Iwaizumi in Fukurodani