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Beautiful stitch Easy Craft Ideas embroidered flowers + tons of other embroidery how toos Should you have a passion for arts and crafts an individual will enjoy this cool site!

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[button button :) buttons made from plastic rings and fabric.] An updated version of the dorset button using fabric instead of thread.

Beautiful delicate crochet flower pendant necklace by zetaemme, £15.00

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Aksesuarlarla-süslenmiş-oya-ile-tasarlanan-bayan-fular-modeli.jpg (422×825)

Aksesuarlarla-süslenmiş-oya-ile-tasarlanan-bayan-fular-modeli.jpg (422×825)

This is a boho fabric necklace with leaf motif. Its done with a lot of hand stitched careful work.

This is a boho fabric necklace with leaf motif, done with a lot of hand-stitched careful work. Always ask for vegan fabric, thread and embellishments,