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One of my eyes is pure blue, simple blue, safe blue. Lots of people have blue eyes so my right eye isn't uncommon at all. But my left eye is blue and brown and even green. People get made into slaves for eyes like my left eye.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy- In total, appeared together in 107 films. They starred in 40 short sound films, 32 short silent films and 23 full-length feature films, and made 12 guest or cameo appearances. They loved each other deeply and would famously never perform without the other. After Ollie's death, although asked many times, Stan never performed again. He died 8 years later.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, comedy duo of Classical Hollywood. They were one of the only acts that were able to make the transition from silent to sound, making primarily visual, slapstick comedy sketches.