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Dünyada sadece Türkiye'de yetişen TERS LALE (Fritillaria imperialis) !

Dünyada sadece Türkiye'de yetişen TERS LALE (Fritillaria imperialis) !

El-Cezeri - Vikipedi

Diagram of a hydropowered water-raising machine from The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices by Al-Jazari in He was also an accomplished artist. All of these illustrations are his from his book.


Al-Farabi became well known among medieval Muslim intellectuals as "The Second Teacher", that is, the successor to Aristotle, "The First Teacher".

"KOTUZ" YİĞİTLERİ KORUYAN RUH  BİR ONGUN The Turksh folks in the village of Nokhur, Turkmenistan mark graves with wild sheep horns. Huge horns from mountain goats which the locals consider sacred, protect each tomb in the village cemetery. This village has two such cemetaries, with thousands of graves marked with sheep’s horns

atlasobscura: “ NOKHUR CEMETERY -TURKMENISTAN At the cemetery of the isolated village of Nokhur, whrere nearly every grave is marked by a wooden post adorned with the horns of a mountain goat.

Nude female figurine - Early Bronze Age. Region: Anatolia

Bronze Age Art - Object: Nude female figurine Period: Bronze Age: Early Bronze Age Dimensions: H: Region: Anatolia The Ashmolean Museum