How to Make crochet HairPin Lace Crochet Geek - YouTube ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

Learn Hairpin Lace from Kristin Omdahl on Knitting Daily TV Crochet Corner. I'm not a fan of Kristin Omdahl, but I bought a hairpin lace loom and haven't used it yet.

How to do many hairpin lace stitches

Double hairpin stitch, in which two double crochet are worked in the left hand loop (I work the opposite direction. If you have many stitches you can let the done ones free from the loom AFTER running yarn through them so they're in order.

How to Make crochet HairPin Lace

How to Make crochet HairPin Lace - excellent video - You should see what can be made out of this. I want to learn this

Вязание на вилке: обучающие видео + шикарные модельки с описанием, мастер-классами и видео!!!.


Plug knitting: Educational Video + gorgeous models description, master classes and video !

How to Tie a Single-Strand Ringbolt Hitch by TIAT (+lista de reproducción)

Ringbolt hitching is a beautiful way to decorate a staff or wheel. Also called coxcombing, it was once a common tie used by sailors to dress-up items and parts of a ship.