Bahadır Rodoplu

Bahadır Rodoplu

Bahadır Rodoplu
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Nova Green / Agence Bernard Bühler

Completed in 2012 in Bordeaux, France. Images by Vincent Monthiers. The project involves the construction of 66 flats in a collective house in Bordeaux. The project is divided into two buildings : The first is.

folding screen / decking I wonder how hard it will be to put something like this on a camper

These window/doors slide down to create a deck. But what a cool idea for a tiny house. Outside-the-box design how these doors fold down to create a deck level with the interior of the house!

tower diagram    Collin Cobia

This work looks striking through the colour tone. Simple shapes are constructed and is adapted through the colour depth to generate a perspective. Simple line structures are also used to create a form of abstract as well as linking into architecture

#Typerwritter stool / bench seating

These giant black and white keys made to resemble a typewriter is a work of art! It's practical uses could be for seating and would look great either in a public space or in a private garden setting.


HOVERBIKE Nope, it's not a bicycle version of the Hoverboard. Instead, the Hoverbike is a motorcycle-like ultralight aircraft that's powered by a flat twin You ride the thing like a motorcycle, including handlebar-based speed