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~ Forest Queen Elven Circlet ~

~ Forest Queen Elven Circlet ~ Artist/Designer not listed. I like the look of headpieces but the practicality is almost nonexistent. They never stay in place and usually end up a tangled mess.

Trinity Thigh Chain (Leg Jewelry/ Body Jewelry). Thigh Jewelry - Leg Chain - Body Chain - Spring Break - Sexy Lingerie - Music Fest - Prom

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*** Especially for Halloween! ***  Beautiful adjustable full hand set of ebony armour. Choose either between one hand (x5) or both full hand (x10) All

Ebony Armour - Full hand set Midi Claw Rings Red and Black - Halloween Costume - Nail Rings - Goth Jewellery - Cosplay Armour - BDSM Claws

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i hate shoes. How To Make Barefooting Pretty with Bottomless Sandals. I'm actually trying to find diy soleless "shoes" but came across these.

Sırt Detaylı Kolye N00P00P000031 Atelier Petites Pierres | Trendyol

Check the way to make a special photo charms, and add it into your Pandora bracelets. Back Necklace Gold Back Jewelry Dainty Necklace by PetitesPierres