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Inflate room. mobile, Structure, PVC, Kinugasa

Portable Homeless Shelter

Camping like a boss - Ok, this is kinda cool, but no thanks!! I do my camping as rustic as possible!!! :)

Audi x Heimplanet Inflatable Camping Tent (1)

heimplanet mavericks: a geodesic inflatable tent for extreme conditions

Maqueta estructura desplegable, mayo 2009. Arquit. Rodrigo Ramos - Deployable structure. Deployable architecture.

Behold The Tent Of The Future! Collects Solar Energy, Rainwater, And Folds Up For Easy Travel

Re pinned from Leah --This folded recover shelter is used to house victims of disasters in their times of need. The structure folds out like an accordion and can be set up anywhere. I think this is an interesting concept of transportable design and using the fold for easy portability. -- Similar to the idea about the personal shelter, this is a product that could serve an even more general portion of the population in times of disaster. I think this kind of design is important and…

Markus Michalski as a “furniture or micro architecture.”