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Con los niños podemos formar un espantapájaros para el huerto con distintos materiales como gorros, bufandas, zanahoria, palos. Con esta actividad podemos trabajar las figuras geométricas.

Ухоры для вязания крючком, схемы.

Crochet ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻I like this look but don't speak Russian to translate web page link takes you to.

Как незаметно соединить два вязаных полотна..

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Crochet Stitch - Tutorial ❥ 4U // hf Would also like it with white yarn instead of the brown.

Crochet method - a nice way to use up the left overs. I think you could also use strips of T-shirt or other fabric and do the arching row of crochet over that. Blanket or mat?


Crochet stitch diagram Tbhis is so nice. It looks like a modification of the Solomon stitch or Lover's Knot stitch but more refined. I am doing Solomons now and am intrigued to try this one now