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Cute collection of what I love, pluss few sections to set the right vibe for different activity 🌺
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Cute art

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waneella #pixelartㄹ

8-bit pretty

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Cute photoedit ideas

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Blue summer 💙

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Study aesthetic

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Book aesthetic

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a painting of a white cat with green eyes wearing a blue dress and holding a hat
a painting of a girl and an owl in a pink dress with a birdcage
Stephen Mackey: 'While You Sleep' @ Arcadia Contemporary
a white cat sitting on top of a tree branch next to a black cat with wings
🍦 ⋆ 🍰 🎀 ig𝒮.𝒶.𝓇.𝒶.𝒷.❀.𝒷.𝒶.𝑒 🎀 🍰 ⋆ 🍦
a cake with eyes and a crown on top
a close up of a green lizard wearing a suit
beautiful frog painting
a painting of a frog with a pink bow on it's head next to a mirror
there is a candle on the table next to some books and papers with starbucks logos
“What A Miserable Outlook On Life”: 40 Times Hustlers Didn’t Seem Human
SUDIO on Behance
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waneella #pixelartㄹ
a woman sitting on the edge of a cliff at night
Moon and Universe
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