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Color palette for embroidery with thread codes for the following floss colors: Dark Gray Green, Medium Gray Green, Dark Straw, Light Mahogany, Terra Cotta, Dark Cocoa. DMC, Anchor and Cosmo thread conversions also provided. Palette title/ID: Flowering Edelweiss • SPA1511


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If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to make a tapestry or needlepoint, we’ve got you covered with our beginners guide to tapestry


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Macramé Tricks & Treats 1970s Macrame Owl Patterns Book - Etsy


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Cyanotype Tutorial — Blue Ridge Botanic


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This listing is for one yard of the fabric shown.  Spot - Forest || Classics Kaffe Fassett for the Kaffe Fassett Collective 100% cotton, printed design  44 inches wide Priced by the yard Multiples will be cut as one continuous piece.  Machine wash warm Tumble dry  Warm iron


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Handmade Bone Viking Nalbinding Needle. - Very strong and durable for all nalbinding techniques.  - Made from cow bone.  - Length approx 9.5 - 11cm (3.75 - 4.3 inches). Called Nålbindning in the native Swedish it is also known in English as nalbinding, nalebinding, nalbindning, naalbinding, naalebinding or needle binding. Nalbinding is an ancient technique used to produce hats, socks, mittens and other woolen goods using a single short needle and lengths of woolen yarn. Although later superceded
PRICES MAY VARY. DRAGON SCALE LEATHER STAMP: Our Textured Dragon Scale Geometric Leather Stamps are primarily an essential stamp tool for making dragon designs, suitable for professionals or beginners. PREMIUM MATERIAL: One piece cast from high quality 304 stainless steel, has no solder joints and is very strong, so it will serve you well for a long time. SIZE: 3/8inch(9mm)*9/16inch(14mm). EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP: All stamps are CNC engraved, viewed through a high magnification loupe and finely
Color palette for embroidery with thread codes for the the following floss colors: Very Dark Violet, Eggplant, Dark Lavender, Dark Autumn Gold, Copper, Very Dark Mahogany. DMC, Anchor and Cosmo thread conversions also provided. Palette title/ID: Purple Hyacinths In The Sunset • SPA0695


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Birgita Sagadin - Mobilfodral foran via Facebook group
"Bone needle sets for nalbinding, tapestry weaving, or other types of yarn-work. Price is for three needles similar to those pictured: one small, one medium, and one large, double-eyed needle (a $34 value). These needles are handmade, cut from the cannonbone (lower leg) of an elk, and hand-polished to a fine, smooth surface. They glide easily through past woolen yarns without catching, and after making an item or two, the yarn will have further polished them until they almost glow! The small nee


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"Animal design Cat & Mouse rug hooking pattern is printed on high quality bleached primitive linen, and its finished size is a 22\" x 27\" oval. If you prefer it to be rectangular shape, simply use a T-square to create the corners and continue the lines of hit-or-miss color out the the edges. Inspired by a cat from an antique cat and mouse rug, I imagined this rug to be like a cat's daydream. This pattern comes with full color photos as well as hooking hints and color suggestions. The rug is
✨ Grand Opening Sale!  ✈️ Free Same Day Express Shipping on All Orders.  🎁 One of a kind, Handmade, Vintage Carpets.  ✔️Professionally Cleaned and Ready to Use. Welcome to Our Store  Width : 1.83 Ft  Length : 3.01 Ft   56x92 cm  Small wool carpet.. Why Wool Carpets? Craftsmanship: Each of our products is meticulously crafted using traditional handweaving techniques. Every item that comes from the hands of our master weavers is an example of handcraftsmanship and artistry. Natural Materials: The materials we use are inspired by nature. With natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and silk, we emphasize the texture and quality of each of our products. Original Designs: The products in our Carpet and Kilim Store stand out with their unique designs and patterns. Each item offers a characteristic

Rug Hook

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Rug Hook a beautiful sunflower runner with this rug hooking pattern. Rug hooking is a simple craft of pulling fabric through a backing using a hook. This sunflower pattern measures 16.5"x8.5" for the finished piece, and the linen overall measures 22"x15". The linen is suitable for a #4 up to a #8 cut. The pattern comes with a full color photo. The edges of the linen are serged so there is no fraying when you're working on your beautiful art.
BIRD WITH BERRIES Rug Pattern for Hooking or Punch Needle. | Etsy

Punch needle embroidery

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(Draft 243) draft image: No. 4. Elastic Cord., J. and R. Bronson, 4S, 6T
1400s Vintage Llama Llama Goose Drama Italian Tapestry - Original Colors by adrienne_donovan_design


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We share our city with myriad animals, but few are as visible – and as reviled – as the Pigeon (a.k.a. Rock Dove, a.k.a. Columba livia). Pigeons are not always beautiful, are often clothed in tatte...


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Camo Stitching, inspired by the iconic Star of David, is a method that not only repairs clothing but elevates it to a whole new level. By using a simple needle and thread, you can seamlessly transform those pesky holes into captivating geometric designs reminiscent of this historical symbol. The result is nothing short of extraordinary. 💫 Your daily inspiration hub is just a click away! Follow me and dive into a world of creativity. Don't forget to leave a comment.📌🗨️

sew mend

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Inspired by a vintage Austrian hiking jacket. This neat mid-season piece is perfect for all weathers. A double breasted jacket that can be lined or unlined. It features two flap pockets and a button tab to close the collar.  Suitable fabrics - dry oilskin, oilskin, linen, 8 -12oz denim, wool, corduroy, cotton twills or canvas. A heavier weight cloth will result in a more structured jacket.

Sewing Notions

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A go-to solution for serious sojourns, the Rolltop Backpack from Harvest Label boasts the kind of versatile design backpackers dream of. Its main compartment can greatly expand to accommodate long-term treks abroad, or it can be folded down into a more compact configuration for weekend trips out of town. Two compression straps help keep the bag's content in place as you move, while two D-rings and a lash tab offer spaces for clip-on accouterments, and a zipper offers rear access to the main comp
Kapital | Blanket Denim.


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the measurements of different leathers are shown in this image, and there is also an additional size for each piece
How To Choose The Best Thread For Finer Leather Work - Fine Leatherworking
an old wooden rack with many spools of thread
This That and Cats
With Hook and Needle: This That and Cats
the sewing kit is made with leather and has stitching on it
How to Use The Dritz Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl
Cómo utilizar el Stitcher costura Punzón | Sew4Home
a bear statue holding a cake with pins on it
Black Forest Hand Carved Bear Souvenir Pin Cushion and Sewing Caddy, Ca. 1880's.
a poster with the words sweater pattern generator in black and white, on a white background
A free, web-based pattern generator from The Knitting Fiend. Just enter your measurements
Slippers, Leather Craft Patterns, Tooling Patterns, Leather Scraps, Leather Tooling Patterns
Leatherworking Patterns Free
Ordnung ist das halbe Lebendaher haben wir uns wo es passte für das IKEA IVAR Regal System entschiedenIn diesem Beitrag zeigen wir euch unsere IKEA IVAR Regal System Hacks. Ikea, Garage Organisation, Garage Organization Diy, Inredning, Garage Storage Inspiration, Workbench Plans Diy, Hardware Storage, Garage Workshop Organization, Garage Storage Shelves
Best TIPPS FUR EINEN PFLEGELEICHTEN GARTEN - fur mehr Genuss und weniger Arbeit
three wooden spoons sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a plant
Nalbinding needles with baltic symbols by RoboMage on DeviantArt
a piece of paper cut out to look like an object
How to make a Scissor Holder
How to make a scissor holder