Crochet Waffle Stitch - Tutorial Someone make me a purple & white blanket with this please!

Suburban Jubilee: Waffle Crochet Tutorial - From Blankets to Dishcloths. Great tutorial for waffle pattern. Using this pattern for my iPod case :)

crochê ponto lindo passo a passo

crochê ponto lindo passo a passo

I love the color combo of the first one. How to crochet the lark's foot stitch - great step-by-step photo tutorial

Crochet Stitch - Tutorial by miriam

Crochet method - a nice way to use up the left overs. I think you could also use strips of T-shirt or other fabric and do the arching row of crochet over that. Blanket or mat?

Двухцветный узор спицами | ДОМОСЕДКА