outdoor play, early years - lovely way to display learning

outdoor play, early years - lovely way to display learning. Would be fun to continue to add pictures of outdoor learning throughout the school year.


Eco friendly tree hands illustration for greeting card over wooden pattern file layered for easy man Stock Vector

okul öncesi orman haftası etkinlikleri ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Searching for various methods to teach your kid about importance of Earth Day? Now celebrate this day with these 20 free printable Earth Day coloring pages.

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Orman haftası panosu

Orman haftası panosu

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#orman #ormanhaftası #ağaç #ağaçgünü #çevrekorumahaftası #belirligünvehaftalar #boyamasayfası

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Resultado de imagem para planeta terra desenho para colorir

This was made as part of an environmental education project. The idea was to depict the planet Earth as a small plant, that needs to be well cared; and also to show peace and collaboration between .