I love this Lotus Flower with the "New Beginnings" symbol.

Lotus flower tattoo and the stem is a interpretation of the friendship symbol. I would do this with a different stem

Islamic arabesque decoration took its true root in geometry. Since Islamic religion forbid the painting of people the designs of the culture became very geometric.

Antique French Boulle 12" Writer's Box, Inkwell & Stationery: Marked TAULIN, Palais Royal

Antique French tortoise shell boulle writer’s stand with stationery storage chest and double inkwells, c. by famed cabinetry maker, TAULIN, and notation of boutique in the Palais Royal of Paris. This stunning writer’s chest from one of the.

black and white - ceramic - Dorothy Torivio

My recent trip to Arizona provided me with some much needed pottery inspiration. I’ve always been intrigued by pottery of the desert southwest. I remember one of the first pots I made in high…

Lotus flower

A symbol of beauty, purity and your quest to rise above the muddy waters. This lotus flower looks beautiful on the back of your neck or shoulder. - Tattoo Size x - 2 Tattoos Included Photo court