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Spilled Flower Bucket

cool idea, I need to learn more about flowers/plants The flowers don't want to grow in the part of the bucket that is shaded. this person must have just planted these flowers because there is no way the pansies inside the bucket would bloom.

Grapes - not sure what type yet but on the lean to on the side of the barn

Grapes ripening on the vine: Autumn, and the harvest, called "la vendange" in France, are on the way. Marked by festivals and fairs, it is a wonderful season to visit one if the wine regions of France. So many to choose from!

Grape Bonsai. They grow very quickly, even in bonsai pots so styling is a bit of problem, but they are quite striking with clusters of edible berries on them. Trunks can be most interesting and very gnarly. Most grape vines have big leaves and their leaves do not dwarf well. To have a reasonable proportion for a bonsai there needs to be a relatively large and old massive trunk. Follow +Amazing things in the world for more!

Patio Vine 'Syrah' Vitis vinifera 'Syrah' You don’t need an orchard - you can now even grow grapes on the patio or decking with this variety. The rootstock has deliberately been kept small so that it can be planted in a pot. Order now and look forward