Can Baldan

Can Baldan

Soy un niño salvaje Inocente, libre, silvestre Tengo todas las edades, mis abuelos viven en mí Soy hermano de las nubes, solo sé compartir Sé que todo es de tod
Can Baldan
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Ruysen Flores

Ruysen Flores Venancino is a grand master shaman who paints highly detailed and beautifully powerful encounters with Mother Ayahuasca. His visionary work depicts the spiritual realm achieved by communion with.

The power, to me, is what I see when I look at this tiger. Just love animals :)

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest cat species, reaching a total body length of up to m ft) over curves and weighing up to kg lb) in the wild.

The Snow Leopard is the hardest animal to spot in the wild.

The Clouded Snow Leopard is the Hardest Animal to Spot in the Wild. This is Due to Their Beautiful Coat; They Blend in so Well in the Snow.