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This museum is rotten with a century of wax medical deformities

Discover University of Florence Museum of Pathological Anatomy in Florence, Italy: This museum is rotten with a century of wax medical deformities.

Hama, noria, water wheels.

Hama, noria, water wheels.

1933 Print Irrigation Agriculture Water Wheel Hama River Syria Middle East NGMA3 More

"A Huge Wheel Lifts Water for Irrigation" This is an original 1933 black and white halftone print of an irrigation wheel on the Hama River in Syria. CONDITION This year old Item is rated Near Mint

[Hama siria] The coasts north of Aerbruthy are less crowded than those of the city, and some of the less populated towns have more space for shenanigans.

Credit: David S Boyer/National Geographic Syria, 1954 Youths make an improvised diving platform out of a giant old wa.

Hama, Syria. Famous for its ancient wooden waterwheels in the Orontes River.

Hama Water Wheels, on the Orontes River, Syria. The main purpose of the Hama water wheels were for them to raise water from the Orontes and then drop the water in aqueducts and canals that would transfer the water to the fields.