'Chattering' by Alberto Cerriteno


Islamic tile design. Spain.

This is an example of the Islamic tiling tradition. I feel this would inspire Emily because she talked about this type of art in the play. She says this is submission to the formal language, and doorway to freedom.

stain glass window

Image detail for -Peacock 2 Stained Glass Decorative Window Film and Graphics Clings

UKCPS - World of Coloured Pencil Exbition 2012.  ‘Up Front’    Pauline Longley UKCPS    12 x 31cm	  Prismacolor on Black Stonehenge    I like working on black paper and zebras just seem to be a most suitable subject.   This is one of a pair, the other was a back view, now sold. This was painted from a photograph   I took at Marwell zoo.

World of Coloured Pencil Exbition 2012 Pauline Longley -- hard to believe this is a pencil drawing


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Flower Bird print by dekanimal on Etsy. no longer available

Lots of comma strokes and some liner brush work if you were to recreate it.