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Örgü bebek  elbisesi ayakkabısı ve şapka takımı

Same little white dress as before, only now the lace pattern on the skirt is Old Shell, and little ribbon roses have been added to embellish matching hat and bootees. ~~ Örgü bebek elbisesi ayakkabısı ve şapka takımı

Crochet Bracelet, but I am thinking about using strips of leather or something else.

Bracelet from I believe crochet thread. Free pattern from Anna Simple Crochet. Thank you!

renkli-ataturk-resimleri_895568.jpg (1200×1697)

10 Kasim 2015 - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Saygi ve Ozlemle.

ataturk-fotolari-indir-595765.jpg (1730×1495)

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