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I am a vampette and nothing anyone says will ever change that. These boys have changed my whole life right when I needed it . I love them to the moon and back.

Percy Jackson

No one beats Percy Jackson.--- percy wins the best boyfriend award for the 157272892817175243461829200283624414161710202725233 time in a row

The big three

Sons of the Big Three - Jason Grace (Jupiter), Percy Jackson (Poseidon), and Nico di Angelo (Hades). Now all we need is a daughter of Neptune/Poseidon, so we can have a set of girls.

Right in the feels

I present to you, the complete comic of the scene from the end of Mark of Athena! Also, 150 hours of my life. I am going to sit in a corner and eat a bo. Long Way Down - Complete Comic - Mark of Athena