Great Color Combinations  Interesting...and helpful for those like me who are fashion-challenged!

Great Color Combinations

Expressive, expressive palette, combining natural juicy tone. Colors grass, sun, sand, sea stimulate and energize. Gray is used to balance to balance the combination of catchiness. These bright colors are best used as accents in the interior. For example, the interior looks nice in the kitchen yellow, orange or green ware.

Expressive, significant palette that combines natural juicy tones. Colors of grass, sun, sand, sea stimulate and energize. Gray color balances the catchine

Mint and pink                                                                                                                                                      More

This pink and green palette would look great on one of the Posh Coloring Studio fashion pages.


Delicate Top with Frills free crochet graph pattern(Warning it is a Russian site and that there is porn links on the page)

Кардиган для девочки. Рекомендую начинающим вязальщицам!

I recommend beginning knitters!