Post Mortem Photography

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Barbie Zander
What an artistically composed photo this is of a woman and daughter documenting their mourning.

His Orphan, English Albumen Carte de Visite, Circa 1868

Copyright Ann Longmore-Etheridge Collection. "T. Bennett, Photographer, 46 Foregate Street and Church Street, Malvern." Bennett opened his studio in 1868 and this could not have been taken long afterward. This English carte de visite (CDV) is one of the most popular in my collection, if Flickr views and Pinterest re-pins equate to evidence, that is. It shows a young British widow—identifiable as such by the white ruching on her black bonnet—squatting in the background, having just propelled…

Family photo....Father is NOT holding deceased child as previously labelled.

post-mortem photography

post-mortem photography

How horribly sad this is

How horribly sad this is

Victorian postmortem photography

Victorian postmortem photography

Autopsy Celebrity Death Photos | Brittany Murphy Dead Picture From Deadline

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post-mortem photography

post-mortem photography

Richard Leon Joy, died at 21 days old. Notice the painted eyes over his eyelids. Precious little angel.

bobberdilly's absent blog

The invention of the daguerreotype - the earliest photographic process - in 1839 brought portraiture to the masses. It was far cheaper and quicker than commissioning a painted portrait and it enabled the middle classes to have an affordable, cherished keepsake of their dead family members

Haunting photographs of the dead taken in Victorian age

Known as post-mortem photography, some of the dearly departed were photographed in their coffin. This particular style, often accompanied by funeral attendees, was common in Europe, but less so in the United States.

The roadside flower stand: | 32 Pictures That Will Change The Way You See The World----FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED Click on the link to see them all!!

The roadside flower stand:

Everything is not terrible.

This boy is also dead, but that's not what he's here to demonstrate. We've established that Victorian people photographed their dead for posterity before holding any sort of funeral services for their loved ones, but what's interesting about this photo is the detail near his foot.

People In The 1800s Did THIS With Dead Bodies

When you think of the Victorian Era, what do you imagine? Horse drawn carriages? Modest (boring) dresses? Hoity-toity pomp and circumstance? Chances are, you haven’t given any consideration to what people in olden times did when it came to funerals. Unless, that is, you’re me. Turns out Victorians were actually massive weirdos by today’s standards....

I want this chair!!! H.R.Giger

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Nicole Simpson Crime Scene | Nicole's wounds as seen at the morgue

Victorian post-mortem photography Why do this? Note the stand holding the dead man up

"I see dead people": Victorian post-mortem photography

There's a slightly macabre story about the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, a man so dissipated he expired from chronic alcoholism in his late 30s. (His last words purportedly were, "I've had eighteen straight whiskeys. I think that's the record.") Lionized in America, he found the seductions of the White Horse pub a little too much for him and keeled over with a brain hemorrhage. His widow Caitlin recalls that when his body was being shipped back to Wales for burial, some of the deckhands…

children is this a momento mori? The little one leaning against the mom doesn't look quite right?!

2/15/06 Vintage Freebie 1

From my personal collection of ephemera, free printables for you to use in your mixed media/collage work! Also ok to use in your digital art as well. Even though i have non-profit only license set to these you may feel free to use these incorporated into artwork that you sell without asking me first. You may not: - Post these elsewhere as your own images. - Sell on collage sheets, on CD Collections, or as an indivdual image. Questions? Just Ask! Enjoy!