More ideas from Baris | عشاق |  عشاق،  منسوب به محمدی؟؟، هرات،  آبرنگ و طلا بر روی کاغذ، محل نگهداری موزه توپکاپی، استانبول Euvre attribuée à Mohammadî de Hérat, Couple princier, Bibliothèque du musée de Topkapi, Istanbul

A masterpiece of Persian literature sublimated by 207 Persian, Turkish, Afghan and Indo-Pakistani miniatures.

BABE!!!!!......WAIT!!!!!  puleeze say we can do this with coffee cup planters to…

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Wedding Idea {DIY Tip} Glue the tea cups to their saucers. String an power cable with light fitting through each and suspend above your wedding tables! Or just make a light fixture for AIW room :)