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10. Heinrich Ehrler (208) - Luftwaffe

TIL that Heinrich Ehrler, a German Ace in shot down two bombers and rammed the last one, destroying both planes in the process. His last words were "Theo, Heinrich here. Have just shot down two bombers. No more ammunition. I'm going to ram.

7. Erich Rudorffer (222) - Luftwaffe

Pilot Major Erich Rudorffer 222 kills 12 kills with the Me 262 Rudorffer went down in history when he claimed 13 kills in 17 minutes,no other pilot in history has as many multiple air to air victories as Rudorffer.

1. Erich Hartmann (312) - Luftwaffe

Erich Hartmann – German fighter pilot during World War II and the most successful fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare.