Anatomy Of An AT-AT

AT-AT Cross Section Diagram, if you ever wanted to know how the anatomy of an AT-AT. Worth the read if you're a Star Wars nerd like us. -The Space Collective

Cool Art: 'Escape From New York' by Chris Weston

The Geeky Nerfherder: Cool Art: The Films Of Kurt Russell by Chris Weston

Troll by *ourlak

For increase split vision see the Troll Wizard at the Snowy Mountains.

concept ships: Concept ship art by Al Crutchley

Original and imaginative designs from our friend Al Crutchley. Keywords: concept spaceships ships water craft helicopter twin r.


Robert T. McCall, USS Cygnus Command Tower - Concept Art for the film, The Black Hole (Robert T. McCall's imagination of a domed space city, from a 1980 OMNI pictorial of his work entitled "Space Witness.