Animal Alpabet de Marcus Reed

Animal Alphabet

This animal alphabet by Marcus Reed is very bright and colourful. Great for children as each word is made up of one or a group of animals that start with the same letter.

An introduction to font psychology #typography #graphicdesign

Graphic Design Crash Course has created an infographic about font psychology for beginners. It does a basic coverage of 'serif', 'sans.

Type design. Not sure how I'll use this, maybe as a logo on my resume to evoke constantly changing, upgrading skills.

Eric Gill’s own drawing from 1933 of the capital ‘G’ from Gill Sans. Via: Design Is Fine. History Is Mine

The detailed study of the shape and size of the cranium as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities; Phrenology of a Gentleman byMaidenVoyageClothing on Etsy

"Phrenology of a Gentleman" and Other Vintage-Inspired Manly Posters and T-Shirts by Maiden Voyage design

Graduation Announcement by Livy Long

Handwritten Type: Graduation Announcement by Livy Long, Ringling College of Art and Design Class of 2014 ~loving the illustration filigree