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a woman in a black dress is walking down the street with her hand on her hip
Anna Torv is so classy and gorgeous ❤️
a woman wearing a denim jacket and smiling at the camera with her hair in a bun
I want to believe in me
a woman sitting on top of a white couch in front of a wall with words
Rhea Seehorn
a woman sitting in the grass with a hat on her head and wearing a white shirt
a woman in red jacket holding up a mask to her face with another person's face painted on it
Arquivos La Casa de Papel - Burn Book
a woman in black panties standing on the sidewalk
a close up of a person wearing a flowered shirt and smiling at the camera
Michelle Monaghan - Girl Celebrity
i can't control their fear, only my own
donna summer album cover with the title over 70 minutes of music, featuring an image of
Donna Summer- Hot Stuff
a woman with long blonde hair wearing a white shirt
Anna Torv - June 7th
the collage shows many different women and their faces
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Tatiana Maslany // Orphan Black
a collage of people with different facial expressions
I love my girl! So happy she won the Emmy last year!