Louboutin sparkle flats, perfect reception shoes when your feet get tired from your high heels!

Neon Pink Toe Cap Erongo

Africa is Tradition Reinvented: Brother Vellies - Neon Pink Toe Cap Erongo

Christian Louboutin Ballet Shoe!

Audrey These are custom Louboutin pointe shoes for Dita Von Teese. I really like the idea of mixing fields of art, and that's really evident here in which an artistic tool, pointe shoes, are utilizes for a fashion purpose.


The Fuck Off Shoe Collection by Mark McNairy. I honestly wish all of my shoes had this on the bottom of them! The saying "kick rocks" would now have so much more meaning behind it lol!

Serious star power - Charlotte Olympia's zodiac flats

Taylor Swift Is Bringing the Clueless Look Back

melon slippers

La historia del ligue virtual gay

the stylist i'm apprenticing has these in periwinkle and beige.


Alaia flats are amazingly gorgeous

striped oxfords

The Office of Angela Scott Mr. Smith Striped Oxfords like it The Office of Angela Scott Mr.

Vans...sadly custom

Custom Vans with Hermes prints for dude from Fashion Police show. still cant amazing to look at.