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Super-Convenient USB Reader for Android... On board this $40 Sanwa USB reader is a plethora of slots, accommodating microSD, SD and miniSD cards, and it can even accommodate a mouse or a game pad. It works with a variety of Samsung, Sony and Toshiba Android devices.

Sansa USB Reader is a little device that connects to your Android phone via micro USB port and it allows you to connect any USB device directly to your Android smartphone. In addition to USB port, Sansa USB Reader also works as a memory card reader, so yo


Game 3 Finals which unlikely player scored 20 pnts while playing solid defense against ?

Ele Solar Charged Bicycle by Mojtaba Raeisi~i#gadgets #technology #electronics Gadgets - The Very Latest Gadgets

Meet the ELE SOLAR BIKE, which could run on electricity, power, or your own two legs! The solar panels within each wheel rotate 30 degrees to maximize recharging while the bike is parked. It's still in concept stage, but looks pretty cool to us!