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Apple Decor Cutout Table Runner idea to make - use felt for short term use, or washable cottons for long term use.

Embroider the branches. Cut felt flowers out (or buy). Stitch on flowers and give french knot centers. This could be a lovely blanket as well, or maybe a piece of a quilt or a curtain (make 2!) or a table runner...maybe you just need a fancy backdrop on the wall.

Brio Collection Cherry Blossom Colorado Clay / Colorado Clay Area Rug: Beach Decor, Coastal Home Decor, Nautical Decor, Tropical Island Decor & Beach Cottage Furnishings

Cut Work, Needle Lace, Amigurumi, Table Runners, Ribbons, Curtains, Feltro, Frame, Mesas


Make Felt leaf coasters. Author says: "Coasters made of felted garment wool that I hand dyed using the marigolds from my garden.


Paths, Ribbons, Tray Tables, Handmade Crafts, Cloth Napkins, Tablecloths, Feltro, Soft Suede, Place Mats