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TVShow Time - Legion S01E01 - Chapter 1

TVShow Time - Legion - Great job at finding such sn amazing cast! I also give my props to the costume designer and visual effects! I really couldn't decide on the yr/time this show takes place!

FX Legion by IronWarrior777 on DeviantArt

my screen glitched and i saw this split in four horizontally and it was cool. Showed how insane the world for him is.

Watch the first trailer for Legion, Marvel and FX’s X-Men spin-off series New mutants are coming to TV Marvel and FX released the first full-length trailer for Legion at San Diego Comic-Con today, giving us a look at series that will focus on mutant David Haller, aka Legion

Legion TV Series Promos New TV show commercials have been released for FX’s new TV series Legion. The promos for the comic book adaptation…