Baturalp Demirtaş

Baturalp Demirtaş

Baturalp Demirtaş
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by Betsy Wilson:  Tangle - 'Maryhill'  with variations on her website.

By Betsy.this was fun to draw.I used a protractor to make different size circles, and tried the variations she showed. take your pencil and shade, Also I like it unshaded as well, a totally different effect as you can see in the step-by-step.

by Betsy: Maryhill Zendalas

I've had some fun with Maryhil l and the pre-strung Zentangle® Zendalas. Both of these used the same pre-strung tile pattern, and in ea.

pinterest - pacman kupa

PACMAN magic color changing mug puts the game in play when filled with hot liquid 12 oz. Porcelain Mug Warning: Hand wash only! Do not microwave.