Batu Temizkan

Batu Temizkan

bir günü diğerine uymayan, yakın tarihe meraklı boş insan.
Batu Temizkan
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Wear a light blue oxford shirt and yellow chinos for a dapper casual get-up. Why not introduce dark brown leather double monks to the mix for an added touch of style?

Love the pattern.

Go ahead and break up a suit. Take some risks with your jacket or pants. Just remember to maintain a sense of balance between your top and bottom halves. If you go bold on top with a pattern (like this plaid) or a color (white, midnight blue) or a texture

Cream and brown

white and brown "I really love the color concepts, also the earthy tones and also the pants to offsets an really ties in the whole look" I could do without the scarf though.