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an old advertisement for stockings with a woman's legs in the air and her leg up
Legs are young in Quaker stockings
a woman in a white dress and high heeled shoes with her legs spread out
Vivat Vintage: Photo
1950s, 1950s Fashion, Suits, Costumes, Vogue, Vintage Clothing
October Vogue 1958
a woman in black dress standing on top of a book shelf holding a baseball bat
1958 ... selling stockings!
an advertisement for cheesecake featuring a woman in a blue coat and hat with a poodle on a leash
a painting of a woman's legs wearing yellow shoes with red ribbon around her ankles
Art is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
a woman's legs and heels are shown in an advertisement for nylonn's
Alluring Enduring
an advertisement for patria from the 1950's, featuring a woman in yellow polka dot dress and high heeled shoes
an advertisement for christian dior with a woman holding her hair in front of her face
History of Pantyhose, Tights, Stockings and Thigh Highs
1950s Stockings and Nylons History & Shopping Guide
Design, Poster, Retro Advertising
May Vogue 1954