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a person holding a white rose in their hand with an empty speech bubble above it
a butterfly flying in the sky with an interesting caption below that reads, anne grazt
fazla ciddiye almayın bu hayatı
Fazla ciddiye almayın bu hayatı
Bana meşaj geliyor ablan Fatoş başkası ile kahve içiyor diyor 😄😄
flowers are growing out of the rocks in front of a quote from an unknown person
an image of a painting with words written on it that read, su me kadar bulanrasi
some yellow flowers are in front of a wall
a piece of paper that has been placed on the floor next to a rug with words written in it
an image of a tree with birds sitting on it's branches in front of a building
a hand holding a vase with daisies in it on top of a black background
two people sitting in front of a large building with a quote written on the side