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Bob's Jobs: Make Your Own Engraver ... ALSO known as a Pantograph...3D no less

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Jewelry polishing box. What an excellent idea, keeps all that flying polishing compound contained!

Over the years, Bill Fretz has attended many trade shows and demonstrated all the different Fretz hammers and their uses. At those shows, he's answered the question, “What’s this one used for?” countless times. In this post, Bill outlines how his enormously popular planishing, raising, and embossing hammers can be used for terrific results...

How 2 Buff - good info for the beginner and a nice chart of compounds, which metals to use them on, for which step, which type of buffing wheel to use, and what type of finish they accomplish. Handy

Step by Step: Making a Copper Etched Cuff Bracelet by Deborah Read