harry gruyaert - ouarzazate, morocco (1986)

Harry Gruyaert was born 1941 in Belgium. For more than thirty years, from Belgium to Morocco, and from India to Egypt, Harry Gruyaert has been recording th

Harry Gruyaert

Harry Gruyaert

Harry Gruyaert x signing session Saturday, May - Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert has worked in Paris, London, and travelled all around

Harry Gruyaert’s Moroccan pictures have the tenacious certitude of mystery. Their content is neither sociological nor ethnographical, and ev.

Harry Gruyaert - Maison Européenne de la Photographie - 14 juin

BackFocus - Harry Gruyaert (b. It’s just a question of shapes and light,” Born in Antwerp (Belgium), Harry Gruyaert studied at the School of Film and Photography in Brussels.