by Vladimir Volegov the colors used on skirt makes it look as though fabric is see through.........soooo neat!!

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13 Cheerful Comics For When You're Having The Worst Day Ever

chibird: “ People love you now, and there are people you haven’t even met that will love you. You are special and meant to be in this world.

Gentle Reflection. Sergei and working in France.

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Artworks of Peder Mork Monsted (Danish, 1859 - from galleries, museums and auction houses worldwide.

Baśnie braci Grimm

Irish Legends - birdsofrhiannon: Eithlinn in the tower by P. Lynch In Irish mythology, Ethniu (or Eithne) is the daughter of the Fomorian leader Balor, and the mother of Lugh. [The Names upon the Harp - Eithlinn - PJ Lynch]

Mycova Irena

Mycova Irena