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The answer is Lengthen & Strengthen! These 4 movements have become essential for my flexibility wor
The answer is Lengthen & Strengthen! These 4 movements have become essential for my flexibility work. 1️⃣ Kneeling side lunge - BW & weighted 2️⃣ Half Frog & Frog stretch 3️⃣ Straddle GM - 🐐 4️⃣ Cossack Squats / Shifts - opt for BW cossack squats to begin & work towards cossack shifts. Follow for more simple & practical tips to help improve your flexibility. @phlcui #homeworkoutsformoms #stretching #hipexercises #hipflexors #fitbeautymom
Top 5 Exercises For Diastasis Recti AKA
Top 5 Exercises For Diastasis Recti AKA. #exercise #fitness #workout #gym #health #motivation #fitnessmotivation #fit #training #healthylifestyle #healthy #bodybuilding #fitfam #lifestyle #weightloss #gymlife #personaltrainer
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Credits : [ IG @diaryofafitmommyofficial ] Let's work those pecs, gals! Grab a pair of dumbbells with a weight that challenges you but allows you to perform each move with good form. Complete 4 sets x 12 reps.
Lose Your Armpit Fat In 3 Weeks
Lose Your Armpit Fat In 3 Weeks
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I’ve been obsessing with these cat-cow variation for pelvic floor release. Have you tried it? Comment YES 🙌🏼 or NO but will 😃! Remember there is no one magic trick to treat a hypertonic pelvic floor it’s a combination of practices that include targeting the whole of the body but including these variation in your practice will help release tension and stress and also bring more blood flow into your pelvic region. It’s definitely helped me switching it for me. For more pelvic floor release practices check out my pelvic floor & core program on my app. I have a ton of practices there! Remember to save and share with someone that can benefit from this practice. | Maria Margolies | ProdMarvin · Otra Vez
Pelvic floor release
Everything is connected 🙌🏼 isn’t that cool? If you have a tight pelvic floor you NEED or p try this! addressing imbalances in the pelvic floor can be as easy as looking and working with your feet! If you have a an overactive or tight pelvic floor try looking, stretching, rolling and mobilizing your feet! Fascia is the connective tissue that holds bones, muscles, organs, blood vessels and the rest of the body parts in place. The fascia can hold tension in one area and can cause tension in a
Pelvic floor release
Gentle reminder that everything is connected! ✨ Fun fact- Everything in our body is connected through our fascia (the deep front line) Fascia is like the super stretchy glue that maintains structure in our bodies. It is a thin connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. Fascia does more than provide internal structure; it has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. Pretty cool, right? So, if you have pelvic floor issue
Pelvic floor release
For more pelvic floor wellness check out my pelvic floor and core program on my app! Try it for free for 7 days 😉
2 min pelvic floor release
Gentle reminder everything is connected ✨💕 Are you a tight ass? 😂 butt clencher ? Reminder, you need to let go! Tight glutes will tighten your pelvic floor … One way of working on releasing pelvic floor tension I love is by myofascial release and trigger points. You can do this with a ball or foam roller. The glutes counterbalance the pelvic floor. If the glutes are weak so is the pelvic floor, if the glutes are overdeveloped they can also affect the pelvic floor by pulling the sacrum too far back, if the glutes are too tight it will tighten your pelvic floor and create imbalance. Remember it’s all about balance. We want resilient muscles that can stretch and contract, relax and tighten. Try this release with a tennis, lacrosse ball or trigger ball like the ones you got on my r
Mobility, my friend! 🤸‍♀️
Tell pain enough !! • . • 1️⃣ Here's a quick morning routine to keep you limber and ready for the day. Just 5-10 minutes, that's all it takes to start your day feeling great. • . • Follow for daily exercise: @4body_health. • . • 2️⃣ Do each of these exercises 10 times: • . • Cat Cow, Downward Dog Toe Lifts, Seated Lateral Twists, Windshield Wipers, Baby Cobra, Hip Mobility Hinge to Deep Squat ,Neck Circles,Kneeling Shoulder Opener,Pike Hand Walkouts • . • Stay flexible and energized! • . • Follow for daily motivation @4body_health • . • 3️⃣ Are you ready ? Let's get started! 💆‍♀️💪 • . • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, we will be happy to help you with everything.. • . • We will be grateful for every like,coment or follow @4body_health 💙 • . • Save
Single Leg Hip Thrust/Heel Elevated Squat/Dumbbell RDL/Elevated Split Squat/Walking Lunge/GluteBridg
If your struggling to grow your glutes! #glutes #gluteworkout #workout
Ready to sculpt a strong and sexy back? Our workout video is packed with back exercises designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Say hello to a stronger back and improved posture! Credit : nimo_jama1
Pelvic Floor Workout Pregnant
RDL Form Back Pain
Feel it in your Glutes
Grow your Glutes in 2024!
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Prep Your Body: Essential Warm-Up Exercises and Stretches!
🔥 Get ready to elevate your workout game with this dynamic warm-up routine! Watch as this girl @trainwtaylorx demonstrates essential warm-up exercises and stretches designed to prime your body for action and prevent injury. From dynamic stretches to mobility drills, each movement is carefully selected to increase blood flow, improve flexibility, and activate key muscle groups. Whether you're hitting the gym or exercising at home, don't skip this crucial step in your fitness routine. Like the video and follow for more content. Save the pin for later. Join us as we prioritize injury prevention and set the stage for a successful workout session! #warmup #stretching #gym #fitness #womensfitness #health
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Easy Protein Breakfast 43g Protein
2 Minutes of Glute Workout At Home.
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