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In the making: Organic Harmony🤍 . . #texturedart #plasterart #satisfying #artreel #minimalart #walldecor #cltiscreative #textureart #explore #diyart #trending #viral
two framed art pieces on top of a white dresser
Opus Art Projects is a Toronto based art consultancy specializing in international hospitality, commercial and residential design projects. These are just a few of our latest and favourite art inspirations. Artist, instagram.com
a woman standing next to a large black board on top of a hard wood floor
DIY Floating Frame
DIY floating frame by interior designer Patchi Cancado
a painting hanging on the wall in a living room with wood flooring and large windows
Blaugrün Abstrakte Malerei auf Leinwand, Original Aquarell Malerei, Vertikale Extra Große Gerahmte Wandkunst, Wohnzimmer Dekor - Etsy.de
a blue and yellow painting hanging on the wall
a black wall hanging on the side of a white wall
an abstract blue painting on the wall