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an image of a quote that says, my idea of getting lucky is having someone else do the laundry
My idea of getting lucky....
the princess and the frog are talking to each other
the disney princess
Excellent point Gramma! XD She has excellent sense. Even though I DID NOT agree with the whole "pray to the ancestors" thing, I think it was there more for the humor, and not so much to promote it.
a rabbit is chained to a white dog's leg with the caption it's for luck
Family Circus Cartoon for Jun/08/2012 Turtles, Funny Cartoons, Family Circus Cartoon, Family Circus Comics, Turtle, Family Cartoon, Family Circus, School Jokes
Family Circus
Family Circus Cartoon for Jun/08/2012
a woman is doing yoga on the floor with her legs spread out and hands behind her back
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Now I'm NOT saying naturally skinny girls aren't strong. I'm just one that's not naturally skinny and I REALLY have to work for it.
a minion with glasses and overalls standing in front of a quote from despicable me minions
Funny Minions from Memphis (03:31:17 PM, Thursday 18, August 2016 PDT) - 35 pics - Minion Quotes
Today Funny Minions 1908 33
a teddy bear holding a sign with the words good luck in it's paws
Buona Fortuna!
a painting of a woman hanging clothes on a line with flowers and birds around her
Quadratische Postkarte ~ Mila Marquis ~ Good Luck
Mila Marquis Good luck
a pink frame with the words i feel so lucky to have a friend like you
what am i feeling images - Bing images
the words i feel lucky everyday i am with you written in pink on a white background
I Feel Lucky Everyday I Am With You
I Feel in Love with You Quotes
images of tonight memes - Bing images Greats, Tonight
images of tonight memes - Bing images
an older woman with pink hair is saying it's one of those days where the l'in my luck has been changed to an f?
Aunty Acid
F....riday ;). Please take a tiny second of your time and go take a look at, it's FREE, NEW, Aunty Acid comics that you can choose to have delivered into your inbox daily :) simples.
a black and white cartoon drawing of a person spraying water on a tree with the words let's call him lucky
Amimals named Lucky images - Bing images