Easy Flowers

Floral Pillows with Ultrasuede Petals

Flower felt tutorial

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Ah a tear drop ~ could make simple, willow structure, weave with flowers & hang from a tree? Jx ( i love this idea but more with more movement in the flowers ?

How would anyone ever think of this idea.  I love it...can't wait to try this!!

手工DIY 嘀咕图片 This is from China, and the woman who has done this has a very clever idea to use wood-shavings and paint to make flower petals, assemble them into a flower, then into a bouquet. Raid the wood shop and recycle!

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Paper chrysanthemum We need paper, glue, wire, ribbon satin thread. Fold the edge of the wire is pressed against the paper (in several layers of folded) an

Kurdele Nakışı: İpek Kozasından Papatya Nasıl Yapılır?

Kurdele Nakışı: İpek Kozasından Papatya Nasıl Yapılır?

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