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caught my pre-teen 'paint by number's' - before TV - self.

Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important.  Carl Reiner

My dream is to live by the beach. It would be nice if my husband and I could run on the beach and then watch the sunset. I want to live by the beach because the beach is a place where I can relax and I am truly myself.

Sandpiper March II by Sung Kim ~ beach coastal ocean

Sung Kim Sandpiper March II painting, oil on canvas & frame; Sung Kim Sandpiper March II is shipped worldwide, 60 days money back guarantee.

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God Is Our Light Mini Flag by Custom Decor. $8.29. Heavy duty flag has opening at top that fits on standard garden flag holders. Inspirational design to give you years of pleasure  - makes a wonderful and welcome gift. Polyester, double sided, 12 Inch X 18 Inch garden size flag. Material: 100% durable polyester, fade resistant, permanent-dyed. Durable applique style features bold colors and design. This decorative flag is approximately 12" x 18" and has an opening ...

Custom Decor Flag - God Is Our Light ~ Like the beacon from a distant lighthouse guides ships to safety, Gods light will guide you to everlasting happiness.